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Self-Love Set


Celebrate yourself with this special set prepared lovingly just for you. 

Let the stones of Kunzite, Peruvian Pink Opal, Angel Aura Quartz and Aura Rose Quartz radiate Love, Peace and Tranquility into your space and your soul.

Light the clean burning natural beeswax candle and feel the warmth and love the universe has for you and then find that love mirrored from within.

Acknowledge, Love & Celebrate the gift that is YOU!

With this kit you will receive:

  • 1 Natural Beeswax Candle (burn time aprox. 18hrs, place on candle dish and remove label before burning)
  • 1 Kunzite polished stone
  • 1 Peruvian Pink Opal tumbled stone
  • 1 Angel Aura Quartz Octahedron
  • 1 Aura Rose Quartz Generator

All items will be of the same quality and size as those pictured.

Kunzite - Divine Love & Emotional Healing

Pink Opal - Soothes & Calms the Heart and Brings Peace & Tranquility

Angel Aura Quartz - Helps Cultivate Joy & Optimism, Opens One Up To Receive    Love from the Universe (Octahedron shape - one of the sacred geometry shapes, linked to the heart chakra and thus love and compassion. Also serves as a perfect mirror, reflecting back to us the love we show)

Aura Rose Quartz - Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing, Uniting with the Divine


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