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How to Connect With Your Crystals (And Feel Their Vibration)

When it comes to using crystals and their energy for healing and positive change, it’s important you know how to USE them.

You’ve got to know how to connect with your crystals and feel their vibration if you want to get the most out of them.

Otherwise, they’ll just serve as pretty paper weights (and no, we wouldn’t want that!).

Now, it would be awesome if every single crystal and gemstone out their came with an instruction manual for this. Unfortunately, they don’t (so sad).

But the good news is, over the centuries, mankind has figured it out.

Essentially, there are four ways to feel crystal energy so you can reap the benefits.

And according to Chris von der Mehden over at, the four ways to connect with your crystals.

You can connect with them: passively, actively. And you can resonate with them and then you can project.

In today’s post, we’ll cover all four of these methods so you can start gaining the benefits you’re looking for from the crystals you’ve already got in your collection (or are looking to acquire).

1) Passive.

This is the easiest way to connect with the energy that your crystals are giving off, but because of that, it is also the slowest way to get the benefits you’re seeking.

 Passive connection with energy

Basically, this can be as simple as carrying your crystals in your pocket, purse, or even as a piece of jewelry (think ring, necklace, or bracelet). Or, you can simply put them in the same space as you. Maybe a bookshelf, a desk, or other area in your home or space.

By carrying the crystal on your body or keeping it near you, the result is that you are passively allowing the crystal’s energy to affect your energy. Eventually, this may help clear out any energetic block you may have.

But for most of us seeking deep healing, this may take a while. And you might want faster results.

Which brings us to the next way you can feel your crystals’ vibration.

2) Active.

This will get you results much faster with your crystals. With the active method of connecting with your stones, you simply place your focus on the crystal you feel called to help you.

Active connection with crystals

So for example, maybe you want to feel more love in your life - whether that’s romantic or just in general with family, friends, etc.

In this case, you would grab a piece of quartz and just start focusing on it. Place all your attention on it and really try to sense the subtle energies it is giving off.

The reason this works so well, is that what you focus on expands. By placing your focus on the crystal that is giving off the healing energy you want, you are in effect expanding that and bringing it into your reality.

And even though this is a great way to connect with your crystals, the next method is when the magic really starts to happen fast!

3) Resonating.

As you may know, everything in the world has a resonant energy or frequency.

Resonance method of connecting with crystals

For example, if you took two tuning forks that are the same frequency, you could hit one tuning fork while it’s right next to the other, and the other would start vibrating as well.

Another common example of resonance is the archetypal opera singer hitting a high note and a crystal glass shattering because that note resonated with the glass’ frequency.

Well, crystals also have a “main” or resonant frequency.

And in this method to connect with your crystals, you want to hold the crystal of your choice in your hand.

Maybe a piece of pyrite if you want to feel more abundant.

Then, you would close your eyes, get centered and calm, and sense the pyrite’s energy.

When you do, then you would really start to amplify that feeling in your body and imagine sending it back into the pyrite.

This creates a resonant loop that intensifies the healing potential of any crystal.
In the case of pyrite, it would REALLY amp up the energy of prosperity and abundance.

You can do this with any crystal and it’s one of the BEST ways to really get the healing effects of its vibration.

4) Projecting.

Finally, the last way to connect with your crystals is with projecting.

Projecting method of connecting with crystals

This is very similar to the resonance method.

In fact, you’ll start out the same way. Hold the crystal in your hand. Close your eyes. Get into a deep, meditative state and really feel the subtle energies the crystal is emitting.

Then begin to resonate with it.

As you start to feel the energy in your body, now you can “kick it up a notch” and being to project it.

Instead of feeding the energy back into the crystal, you start to project the energy outward. Imagine the entire room you’re in filling up with that energy.

Then, imagine sending that energy to your entire city … your entire state … then to the entire country … the entire world …

This way of connecting with crystals can be pretty intense and lead to some very cool experiences and very powerful healing.

So there you have it.

These are the four best ways to actually sense the energy your crystals are vibrating.

And they are how you actually gain the HEALING you’re looking for.

That said, know that this is just like working out.

Start with the passive method first.

Each method kind of builds upon the last.

For example, if you still can’t sense subtle crystal energies, then it makes no sense to start using projecting to sense their energy and get healing from them.

Just like going to the gym on a daily basis, this will require you to be consistent and practice at it.

Start with the passive and active methods. Really see if you can sense the subtle energies.

When you finally reach that point, then move on to resonating.

Once you feel you’ve got the hang of that, only then should you move on to projecting.


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