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5 Crystals For Wealth And Prosperity - And How To Use Them

If you’re struggling with money in your life right now, then crystals can help.

As you probably already know, everything in our universe is made up of energy that’s vibrating at a certain frequency.

In order to attract what’s missing in your life, you’ve got to get into “alignment” with its vibration.

So if you want more money, you’ve got to get your vibration into alignment with having more.

And the good news is, this is where crystals and gemstones and absolutely help.

Today, we’ll cover the 5 best crystals you can use to amp up your vibration for manifesting more than enough money and prosperity into your life.

Plus, you’ll also learn how to actually USE these crystals, so you can turbocharge your efforts and results.

So without further ado … let’s get started.


5 Best Crystals for Wealth And Prosperity


1. Citrine

Citrine is a powerful and beautiful stone for manifesting money and abundance.

It’s simply quartz that has developed a yellowish tint due do the presence and ratio of lithium and aluminum when it was forming deep in the earth.

You can typically find citrine in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Russia, and even the Congo in Africa.

citrine crystal for prosperity

Now, part of what makes citrine so powerful, is its hexagonal geometric structure. This type of crystal lattice (geometric shape) is great for manifestation. Because it helps amplify your intentions.

So think of it as pumping up your money vibe and becoming an even more powerful magnet for wealth!

Another thing that makes citrine so beautiful and effective is its yellow color. Because of that, it is associate with your solar plexus (3rd) chakra, which is the seat of personal power and self-confidence.

You should know that the kind of citrine you want for manifesting prosperity is natural citrine. Because citrine can come in two different forms ...

The first is naturally occurring. In our opinion, this is what you want for your manifestation work, as we feel it has a stronger and higher vibration.

This will usually be either a beautiful clear yellowish color or have a hint of “smokiness” that gives it a more golden brown mixed color.

The second kind of citrine you may come across is a kind of “fake” citrine. This kind of citrine is really amethyst that has been heated or “baked” at 800 - 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

The result is a chemical reaction that leaves the amethyst with a very bright yellow, almost golden or orange color.

This is usually a tell-tale sign that you are not dealing with naturally-occurring citrine (although some of the natural citrine from Africa can sometimes have this brighter color).

Many times you can also notice “burn” marks on heated amethyst being sold as citrine.

All that said, you could still choose to use heated amethyst “citrine” for use in your manifestation work, but we don’t feel its vibration is as powerful.

2. Aventurine

This pretty gemstone can be found naturally occurring in China, Russia, Tibet, and Brazil.

Because aventurine is mainly quartz with other minerals that can give it different colors, it is yet another powerful manifestation stone.

aventurine crystal for prosperity

As well, it’s hexagonal structure helps amplify your intentions into the universe.

Now, this one can come in green, blue, yellow, red, orange, white, and blue-green.

If you want wealth and prosperity, then you’ll need to work with GREEN aventurine.

Aside from being a powerful amplifier of energy, green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra.

Because of this, it can help in the releasing of blocked energies and emotional blocks that could be stopping you from achieving the wealth and abundance that you deserve.

3. Pyrite

You’ve probably heard of pyrite before. Except, not as “pyrite.”

This is commonly called “fools’ gold” because it fooled many prospectors during the Gold Rush of the 1840s - 1850s.

pyrite crystal for prosperity

But don’t let its nickname “fool” you (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

This is a highly-effective stone to manifest more money in your life.

A few reasons …

It’s crystal structure is isometric, which helps improve situations and can amplify energies as well.

And because it’s yellowish in color, it’s associated to the third chakra as well - your “power center.”

So if you need some drive … some push to get sh%t done, this will help you move forward - whether it’s your career, investments, business, etc.

It’s a definite “must” to have in your crystal collection for wealth and prosperity.

4. Malachite

Malachite is an interesting stone.

Unlike the prosperity stones you’ve learned about so far, malachite does not amplify energy.

Instead, it actually absorbs energy due to its monoclinic crystal structure. This means it is a protection and safeguarding stone.

And because it has a gorgeous green color, it is associated to the heart chakra.

malachite crystal for prosperity

This is why it’s GREAT for manifesting prosperity, is because it helps absorb negative energies that can be working against you to achieve financial abundance.

It could help protect you from self-sabotaging energies too, that would otherwise thwart your efforts.

As well, throughout history it has also been used as a “luck” stone - precisely because of its protective and shielding properties.

5. Jade

Jade is another very popular crystal for manifesting luck and prosperity.

Like malachite, jade has a monoclinic crystal structure, which means it helps protect and shield from negative energies.

jade crystal for prosperity

Jade can come in a variety of colors, but for prosperity, you’ll want green.

It too is associated to the heart chakra, and will help increase your vital energy so you can move forward confidently to your financial goals.

And, it will keep you safe from anything that promises to sabotage you on your quest for more abundance.

With jade, you do need to watch out, as you could easily come across “manufactured” jade versus naturally-occurring jade.

In other words, fake vs real.

The only real way to tell, is to take a magnifying glass and look for imperfections and irregularities in the jade itself. If it’s not “perfect” then it is most likely the real deal.

If it’s too perfect with no imperfections, you’re probably holding a fake piece.

This is important, because you want natural, real jade for it’s natural vibration to help in your manifesting work.

Alright, so those are the 5 best crystals and gemstones for prosperity.

Now, let’s move on to …


How to USE these stones and crystals to manifest more wealth


For this part, you’ll want to first choose the stones mentioned above that call to you.

You can pick just one … or as many of them you feel “called” to use. Simply get quiet and listen to your intuition.

Go with what ultimately feels right for you and your current money situation.

Once you’ve chosen your crystal (or crystals), you need to make sure they have been cleansed.

(There are many methods for cleansing crystals of any unwanted energies they may have absorbed. Just choose the method that you prefer. Again there’s no right or wrong here. As always, go with your intuition or gut).

Next …

Charge or Program Your Crystals

Now this is where the rubber meets the road.

You need to charge your crystals (also known as programming) with your intention.

In this case, your intention is to manifest more wealth - more moolah.

So here’s what you want to do:

  • Hold your crystals (or crystals) in your dominant hand (the giving hand) handHold your crystals and set the intention that you want to increase your financial abundance.

  • Visualize and feel what it feels like to have more money in your life … would you feel happier? Lighter? Less stressed? Visualize all those things as best as you can, and until your buzzing with joy.

  • Once you are buzzing with emotion and feelings of prosperity and abundance, imagine those feelings turning into a bright white light that is flowing from you, through your arm that’s holding the crystal, and into the crystal directly.

  • You can do this for about 5 minutes or so. Again, there’s no right or wrong. If you want to do it longer, that’s fine. Simply get a “sense” for when this charging or crystal programming is complete.

“My stone is charged, now what?”

Once your stone is charged, the “hard” part is done.

Now it’s just a matter of how you want to use your stone for abundance.

Here are a few ways you can choose from:

1) Simply carry your charged crystal or crystals in your pocket or purse.

This way the energy of the charged crystal is always in your energy field.

This is definitely the most (low-effort) way to use crystals to boost your financial situation.


2) Meditate daily with your crystals.

If you want a more involved method, you can choose to meditate with your crystals. Simply grab your crystals and hold them, or set them right by you, and focus on the crystal’s energy as you meditate and welcome in the energy of abundance into your being. Do this daily.


3) Do chakra work.

Take the crystals and depending on what chakra they relate to, simply lay them on that chakra as you lie down and focus on the crystal’s energy and vibration.

This can take as long as you want it to. Simply let the crystal vibrate while resting on either your solar plexus or heart chakra (depending on the crystal) and let it do the work for you.


4) Crystal gridding.

This is more of an “Advanced” technique, but still can be highly effective.

You can choose to set up an entire crystal grid for the sole purpose of manifesting more wealth into your life.

There are a variety of grids you can choose from. Pick the one that’s right for you, and then set it up and charge it with your intention.

The grid will then REALLY amp up your intention and vibrate it out into the universe, allowing for potentially faster and greater manifestation.


So there you go!

Today you’ve learned all about the five best crystals for prosperity and wealth. You’ve also learned how to actually USE them.

Don’t let this knowledge just sit inside your brain and gather dust.

USE it to improve your situation.

So get the crystals that call to you.

Charge it with your intention.

Then use one of the methods described here to allow that crystal to go to “work” on aligning your vibration for greater abundance and increased wealth in all areas of your life!


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